DSCI 2710 (exam 1)

DSCI 2710 (exam 1) - COURSE: DSCI 2710-004 Name: _ Last,...

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COURSE: DSCI 2710-004 Name: _____________________________________________ Last, First (printed) EXAM: VERSON A SEMESTER: Summer 01, 2009 Instructions: Please write your name (Last, First, MI), Class section number (DSCI 2710.004) in the subject box on your scantron. Also write the exam data in the box provided in the scantron. This exam has 26 questions . You have 90 minutes to complete it. You may use “Memory Enhancement Document” of one sheet and calculator. Please show all your work on the exam and mark all answers on the exam and scantron. Usage of cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs and other communication devices is strictly prohibited. Please DO NOT pull this exam apart. When you have completed the exam, please turn your scantron and exam booklet into your instructor or proctor. Good luck! Page 1 of 7
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1. What differentiates ratio data from data that are only interval? a. Ratio data are always positive b. The word “twice” makes sense c. There is a definite zero point with ratio data. d. Both b and c* For questions 2 through 5, use the following data. The following is a frequency distribution of the monthly rent of 300 households in Denton City. Class Expenditure ($) Number of households 1 0 and under 200 25 2 200 and under 400 35 3 400 and under 600 60 4 600 and under 800 65 5 800 and under 1000 52 6 1000 and 1200 25 7 1200 and over 38 2. The relative frequency of the class ______ and ______ are equal:
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DSCI 2710 (exam 1) - COURSE: DSCI 2710-004 Name: _ Last,...

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