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INSY 2303 Chapter 8 Assignment Type in the definitions for the following terms from Chapter 8: Analog sound wave - is a smooth curve of continuous values. Digital sound wave – is a sound wave that is sliced into vertical segments. Sampling rate – The number of times per second a sound is a measured during the recording process. MIDI – A standardized way in which sound and music are encoded and transmitted between devices that play music. Speech synthesis - is the process by which machines produce sound resembling spoken words. Speech recognition - refers to the ability of a machine to understand spoken words. Bitmap - An image file format that refers to the rows and columns (map) of dots or pixels that form an image. Graphics software - is used to modify or edit bitmap graphics. Image resolution - describes the detail an image holds. Pixel interpolation – A process that is used by graphics software that averages the color of adjacent pixels in an image. Color depth – The number of bits that determines the range of possible colors that can
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