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INSY 2303 Chapter 9 Assignment Type in the definitions for the following terms from Chapter 9: Algorithm – An abstract or general procedure for solving a problem, typically expressed as pseudocode, structured English, or a flowchart. Dot Coms - refer to the group of Internet-based companies. Offshoring – The corporate practice of relocating production, manufacturing, or customer service to lower-cost, overseas locations. Database Administrator – a person who supervises database design, development, testing, and maintenance. Computer Engineer – a computer professional who focuses on the design, and development of computer hardware and peripheral devices. Technical Writer – A person who specializes in writing explanations of technical concepts and procedures. Network Administrator – a computer professional who plans, installs, and maintains one or more local area networks. Software Engineering – the process of developing software using systematic mathematical, engineering, and management techniques.
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Unformatted text preview: Fair Use Doctrine - Restriction on the exclusive use right of a copyright owner. Gamma Rays - are very high energy electromagnetic radiation, like light or X-rays, but much higher in energy and frequency (and shorter in wavelength). Radio Waves - Electromagnetic radiation at radio frequencies (10,000 Hz to 300x10 9 Hz). Microwaves electromagnetic waves with frequency of at least 1 gigahertz. SAR - (Segmentation and Reassembly) The protocol that converts data to cells for transmission over an ATM network Third Generation Computers a classification of computers characterized by their use of integrated circuits instead of translators or vacuum tubes for data processing. Ergonomics the science of designing safe, comfortable, efficient machines and tools for human use. Assembly Language a low-level computer programming language that uses simple commands and is translated into machine language by an assembler....
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