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INSY 2303 Lab Assignment 3 Getting Started For this assignment, you are to design and create a simple program using Alice 2.2. Alice is a programming tool which helps you learn programming in a 3D environment. You can download Alice for free from www.alice.org : Alice website: If the file does not download when you click the link, check for the pale yellow security warning bar at the top of the browser , click on it, and choose the option to download the file. This is a very large file, so you will want to be on a computer with a broadband connection. When you download it, the file will be a zipped folder. You must unzip the Alice folder then double-click the Alice program from inside the unzipped folder to start the program. Additional download and installation instructions can be found be further down on the web page shown above. Note: Alice does not make any changes to the Windows registry, so you will be able to install and run Alice on your own computer, on the campus-lab computers, from a flash drive, etc. Tutorials are included with Alice and are available from the Welcome Page and the Help menu inside the Alice 2.2 program. Assignment Requirements Step 1 – Program Design (25 points). Write pseudocode or “structured English” to describe the design of your program, which will be based on the program specifications described in step 2 Page 1 of 3 Link to Download Alice 2.2
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below. Pseudocode/structured English provides a step-by-step description of what the code in
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2303_lab3 - INSY 2303 Lab Assignment 3 Getting Started For...

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