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3B Test_1 - the novel 4 Discuss the suitability of the...

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English 2332 – Unit 3 Essay Test Choose four of the following and develop a well-organized essay of at least one typed, double-spaced  page.  You may use your book but no outside resources .  (25 points each) 1. What is the purpose of the history of Scyld/Shield in the beginning of Beowulf ?  How is it  connected to the rest of the poem? 2. Explain fully why Dante placed Ulysses/Odysseus in Circle 8 in Hell since Odysseus is not even  Christian. 3. What is the narrator’s attitude toward Genji?  Does she portray men and women differently in 
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Unformatted text preview: the novel? 4. Discuss the suitability of the penalties to the sins in Dante’s idea of Hell. How are the punishments matched to the sins? 5. Discuss the evidence of both pagan and Christian elements in Beowulf . How are they used? 6. In what ways is The Divine Comedy a comedy? 7. Discuss the evidence of Buddhist beliefs in The Tale of Genji . 8. Discuss the importance of Charlemagne’s roles in The Song of Roland ....
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