Beowulf_1 - Beowulf (c.9thcentury) What do I need to read?

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   Beowulf        (c. 9th century) What do I need to read? “The Formation of a Western Literature” Pages 1621-1623 in Vol. B “Beowulf” Pages 1626-1631 in Vol. B Beowulf Pages 1632-1702 in Vol. B The opening lines of Beowulf  in Old English: H wæt! We Gardena in geardagum, þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon, hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum, 5 monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah, egsode eorlas. Syððan ærest wearð feasceaft funden, he þæs frofre gebad, weox under wolcnum, weorðmyndum þah, oðþæt him æghwylc þara ymbsittendra 10 ofer hronrade hyran scolde, gomban gyldan. þæt wæs god cyning! Ðæm eafera wæs æfter cenned, geong in geardum, þone god sende folce to frofre; fyrenðearfe ongeat 15 þe hie ær drugon aldorlease lange hwile. Him þæs liffrea,
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Beowulf wæs breme (blæd wide sprang), Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in. 20 Who are the characters in this story? Note:  The charts in the textbook on page 1631 may help you sort out these people. The Danes  (also called the Scyldings) Hrothgar, king of Denmark                     Heorot Hall, Danish mead hall           Wealhtheow, his wife and queen             Hrothulf, nephew of Hrothgar Freawaru, their daughter                       Hildeburh, married to Finn (Frisian) Wulfgar, official at Hrothgar’s court     Hnaef, Hildeburh’s brother Unferth, heckler of Beowulf                  Hengest, leader after Hnaef dies Aeschere, retainer of Hrothgar             Heremod, wicked king of the Danes Danish Monsters Grendel, killed by Beowulf Grendel’s mother, killed by Beowulf The Geats (also called Weder people, southern Sweden) Beowulf, hero of the poem Hygelac, king of the Geats, son of Hrethel Hygd, his wife and queen Wiglaf, Beowulf’s loyal young retainer Hrethel, Beowulf’s maternal grandfather Herebeald, eldest son of Hrethel Haethcyn, second son of Hrethel Geatish Monster Fire Dragon, killed by Beowulf and Wiglaf The Heathobards Froda, king of the Heathobards Ingeld, his son and prince, ultimately married to Freawaru (Danish) 
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Beowulf_1 - Beowulf (c.9thcentury) What do I need to read?

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