ch17-STD - Chapter: Chapter 17: Information Technology...

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Multiple Choice 1. According to Moore’s Law as it relates to computing power, the price-to-performance ratio of computer chips _____________. a) increases exponentially b) increases slightly c) remains fairly constant d) decreases exponentially 2. Before new IT is adopted by an enterprise, it must be ____________. a) technically feasible b) economically feasible c) technically and economically feasible d) technically and economically feasible and provide a sustainable competitive advantage 3. As the cost of IT decreases, IT will become an even more significant factor in the production and distribution of almost every product and service. What ethical question does this predicted situation raise? a) Will it result in more unemployment? b) Will users spend a lot of time online? c) Will it provide large companies with a competitive advantage? d) Will consumers have to pay higher prices? 4. The discrepancy between measures of investment in IT and measures of output at the national level has been called ______________ . a) digital divide b) productivity paradox c) price-to-performance ratio d) Moore’s Law 5. How do economists define productivity? a) Outputs divided by units produced
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ch17-STD - Chapter: Chapter 17: Information Technology...

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