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Foundations of Marketing 1/14/08 Successfulness in getting a job is all about marketing yourself Not just selling a product - selling yourself Reinvent yourself - change is everywhere Attitude determines altitude You are a brand - have to sell yourself and separate yourself from competitors Professor Miller - from Connecticut - University of Hartford and Detroit - Ford Motor Company, and IBM Articles: “Smart car expected to make big splash in US” -Thousands have placed orders; safety, cargo room emphasized -Manufactured by Mercedes Smart cars which have been existence since 98 in 36 countries will finally debut in US
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Unformatted text preview: -There have already been orders for more than 77,000 vehicles in the US which is still months from a full scale US launch-Smart is still waiting for its official EPA gas mileage figures but aims to get more than 40 mpg “Giving Women Something to Chew On”-New food, drink brands target female palates-The popularity of chick lit and chick flicks - books and movie aimed at women - maybe have spawned the marketing world’s latest trend: chick food-More than 1,000 new foods and drinks targeting women have hit the global market in the past 4 years-Energy Bars: Luna bars...
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