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Module 3, Topic 1 page 1/1 Module 3, Topic 1 - TCP/IP Networking Return to List of Topics. Topics. Reading Self Assessment Exercises Reading Chapter 5 of Systems Administration. Self Assessment Exercises 1. What is a TCP/IP network? How does it differ from other types of networks? 2. Define the following: o MAC Address o IP Address o Ethernet Address what is (if any) is the relationship between these addresses? 3. List the layers in the OSI Model. What is the function of each layer?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Define the following: o ARP o IP o TCP o UDP o DNS o ICMP 5. What is the relationship between ports, services and daemons? 6. Why are networks constructed in segments? 7. What are the steps involved when adding a new host to a network? 8. What is DHCP? In what situation would it be useful? 9. What steps would you go through when testing a network for problems?...
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