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Module 3 topic 2 - Module 3 Topic 2 page 1/1 Module 3 Topic...

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Unformatted text preview: Module 3, Topic 2 page 1/1 Module 3, Topic 2 - Managing Network Resources Return to List of Topics. Topics. • • • Reading Self Assessment Exercises Workshop Reading • Chapter 8 of Systems Administration. Self Assessment Exercises 1. How are domain names managed? 2. What is function of a DNS server? What types of DNS servers are there? How do each of these function? 3. What is a routing daemon? 4. Define the following terms: o Static routing o Dynamic routing o Minimal routing 5. When is interior and exterior routing used? 6. When would you use a distance vector routing algorithm? 7. When would you use a link-state routing algorithm? 8. What is NTP? Why do we need it? How does it work? 9. What is SMTP? How does it work? Provide a scenario where SMTP would be useful. Workshop • • Read Chapter 5 of Perl for System Administration Workshop 3. ...
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