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Unformatted text preview: Module 5, Topic 1 - System Performance and Resource Management. Return to List of Topics. Topics. • • • Reading Self Assessment Exercises Workshops Reading • Chapter 15 of Systems Administration. Self Assessment Exercises 1. Why is performance monitoring so important? 2. Describe in some detail the tuning process. 3. What is does the ps command do? What other UNIX utilities are there for monitoring processes? 4. What resource limits are there on a typical system? 5. How do you know when there is a CPU shortage? 6. What is a system scheduler? What does it do? 7. How do you know if you have a memory problem? 8. What is a filesystem cache? When would it be useful? 9. Why do we need user quotas? 10. How can a filesystem be optimised? Workshops Read Chapter 4 of Perl for System Administration. Workshop 5. ...
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