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Week 1 Tutorial Exercises - have occurred? What issues...

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Week 1 Tutorial Exercises 1. Classroom Diversity Initiative: I will give you a number to help you to form a “diverse” group with your classmates; your diversity may include age (more than five years difference), gender, race, culture, geographic origin, etc. Discuss your areas of diversity; then identify three things the group members all have in common, excluding your current school experience. 2. Think about the communication issues of a present-day businessperson and those of a businessperson of 25 years ago. What changes in legal/ethical issues, diversity, technology, and team environment
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Unformatted text preview: have occurred? What issues would be consistent for the two groups? What issues would be different? 3. Identifying Ethical Dilemmas: Using a current newspaper or magazine article that describes an illegal or unethical act by a business organization or its employee(s). Choose an incident as closely related as possible to your intended profession. Be prepared to share details of the incident in an informal presentation to the class....
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