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Week 1 Revision Exercises Exercise 1 Individually, use an online newspaper to find an article that describes an illegal or unethical act by a business organization or its employee(s). Write a short summary of the unethical act and post it on your Interact Blog. Provide a link to the original article in your post. Exercise 2 Changing Technology: In groups decide which of the following communication mediums would be most appropriate for sending the following messages: email, fax, telephone, or face-to-face communication. Justify your answer. We will discuss the answers as a class. a. The company is expecting a visit from members of a committee evaluating your bid for this year’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. All employees must be notified of the visit. b. After careful deliberation, the management of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company is
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Unformatted text preview: convinced the only way to continue its current level of research is to sell the company to a larger one. The employees must be informed of this decision. c. Lincoln Enterprises is eager to receive the results of a drug test on a certain employee. The drug-testing company has been asked to send the results as quickly as possible. d. The shipping department has located the common carrier currently holding a customers shipment that should have been delivered yesterday. Inform the customer that the carrier has promised delivery by tomorrow morning. e. An employee in another division office has requested you send a spreadsheet you have prepared so he can manipulate the data to produce a report....
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