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Week 1 Revision Exercises - convinced the only way to...

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Week 1 Revision Exercises Exercise 1 Individually, use an online newspaper to find an article that describes an illegal or unethical act by a business organization or its employee(s). Write a short summary of the unethical act and post it on your Interact Blog. Provide a link to the original article in your post. Exercise 2 Changing Technology: In groups decide which of the following communication mediums would be most appropriate for sending the following messages: email, fax, telephone, or face-to-face communication. Justify your answer. We will discuss the answers as a class. a. The company is expecting a visit from members of a committee evaluating your bid for this year’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. All employees must be notified of the visit. b. After careful deliberation, the management of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company is
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Unformatted text preview: convinced the only way to continue its current level of research is to sell the company to a larger one. The employees must be informed of this decision. c. Lincoln Enterprises is eager to receive the results of a drug test on a certain employee. The drug-testing company has been asked to send the results as quickly as possible. d. The shipping department has located the common carrier currently holding a customer’s shipment that should have been delivered yesterday. Inform the customer that the carrier has promised delivery by tomorrow morning. e. An employee in another division office has requested you send a spreadsheet you have prepared so he can manipulate the data to produce a report....
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