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Week 3 Tutorial Exercise 1 Useful Subject Lines: Write effective email subject lines for the following situations . a. Provide employees details about relocating their offices during the building renovation (important dates and office assignments, packing procedures, security issues). b. You are part of a committee planning a banquet for the company’s annual awards night. You want to give the committee a report on the location choices available at the rates agreed on at the planning meeting. c. Explain that a customary end-of-year employee bonus will not be possible because of declining sales. d. Send a follow-up message to a recruiter you talked with at a career fair on your campus
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Unformatted text preview: including your resume. Exercise 2 Discussion Questions (work in groups) 1. What can you do to limit the excessive amount of email that lowers productivity? 2. What practices should be followed to avoid sending a flame? 3. How does communication differ when emailing, instant messaging, and texting? 4. Discuss the legal issues related to the use of email. Exercise 3 Research the Guidelines on Workplace E-mail, Web Browsing and Privacy on the Australian Government Privacy site: http://www.privacy.gov.au/materials/types/guidelines/view/6056 Write down a few points about how these guidelines would affect you in the workplace on your blog....
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