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Week 6_activity1 - national corporation with the following...

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Week 6 – Activity 1 – Group Work Empathetic Attitude: In situations a through c, identify possible communication problems created because of a manager’s lack of empathy when communicating to employees. Select a spokesperson to share your group’s ideas. a) A manager for a U.S. firm, who has been transferred to the company’s office in Japan, provides the following message to launch the marketing/production team’s work on a new product: “We really need to put our noses to the grindstone to launch this new product. I’ve been burning the midnight oil with my people in R&D, and I have some new ideas that need to be implemented before the competition catches on and the cat’s out of the bag. So let’s all hit the ground running. Keep me posted, and remember, my door is always open. Everybody got it?” b) After months of uncertainty at Ramsey, Inc., a corporate official visits an office of the
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Unformatted text preview: national corporation with the following response to concerned questions by mostly lower-wage technical and support staff regarding layoffs and office closures: “We are realigning our resources company-wide to be more competitive in the marketplace. Our stock has been declining at an unpromising rate, but we are taking steps to ensure future market viability. Restructuring has begun at several levels. Corporate is aware of your concerns and will continue having these meetings to provide a forum for dialog.” c) After several trips to Mexico and nearly a year of negotiation to set up a joint venture, a U.S. partner faxed the final contract to the Mexican chief executive officer. The final contract included a request that the CEO personally guarantee the loan, a stipulation that had not been discussed previously....
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