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Week 8_blog_exercise - WEEK 8 - BLOG EXERCISE Read the...

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WEEK 8 - BLOG EXERCISE Read the article below for background information, and then answer the question on your blog on Interact. CYBERTHEFT: IT’S A BIG DEAL One of the World Wide Web’s most attractive features, easy access to a universe of information and data, is also one of its greatest vulnerabilities. Computer users can easily access, download, copy, cut, paste, and publish any of the text, pictures, video, sound, program code, and other data forms available on the Internet. An inherent conflict of interest prevails because of the consumer’s appetite for data and the creator’s right to remuneration for original work. Copyrights provide an economic incentive for the development of creative works in literature, computer applications, and the performing arts. For instance, songwriters in the United States are paid royalties by radio stations for broadcasting their copyrighted musical works. Because of copyrights, it is illegal to make and sell an authorized duplicate of a commercial CD, video, or DVD. The law assures that creators receive remuneration from sales for their investment of time, talent, and energy. The information superhighway, however,
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Week 8_blog_exercise - WEEK 8 - BLOG EXERCISE Read the...

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