Week 10 Exercises - • What is something you forgot once...

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Week 10 Exercises Exercise 1 Preparing a Top Ten List for Effective Business Presentations: 1. Individually generate a list of the top ten mistakes speakers make based on your experience as a speaker and listener. 2. In small groups assigned by your instructor, discuss the points listed by each student and compile your ideas into a comprehensive top ten list that reflects the consensus of the group. 3. Next, discuss strategies team members have used to avoid each of the mistakes you’ve listed. Be prepared to share your valuable advice with the class in an informal presentation. Mistake Tip
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Exercise 2 1. Individually pick one of the topics below and write a brief introduction that will make a listener interested to hear the rest of your presentation. Use some of the techniques for openings described in the lecture slides a. Choose one of the following thought-provoking questions from The Conversation Piece by Nicholaus and Lowrie: What is one of the simple pleasures of life you truly enjoy?
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Unformatted text preview: • What is something you forgot once that you will never forget again? • What proverb or quote would you like to put in one million fortune cookies? b. The coolest digital gadget that I wish some company would invent (e.g., standard chargers for cells/PDAs, laptops, cameras, and so on). c. Why are communication skills a key ingredient in your career (specify a career)? d. Which technology has had the most effect on your day-to-day life? Which do you expect to have the most impact on your work life? e. Any other topic you are interested in! Exercise 3 Using the example on Slide 36 of the lecture, start writing a Functional Resume. Think about what major skills you have that could be used as the main headings. For example, if you have worked in a shop or café, “Customer Service” could be one of your headings. List some points under each heading....
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Week 10 Exercises - • What is something you forgot once...

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