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ITC106 Examination Structure - 10 Marks Question-4:...

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ITC106 Examination Structure: 2010 90 Semester Question Marks Part-A (Multiple Choice Questions) Covers all topics 20 Marks Part-B (Short Answer Questions) 80 Marks Question-1: Analysis & Design (Pseudo code) 10 Marks Question-2: Testing and Input Validation (Normal/Abnormal input data) 10 Marks Question-3: Selections (if-else/elif)
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Unformatted text preview: 10 Marks Question-4: Functions 10 Marks Question-5: Loops 10 Marks Question-6: Lists 10 Marks Question-7: Classes and Objects 10 Marks Question-8: Theory (Programming Principles/Life Cycle) 10 Marks Total 100 Marks...
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