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Chapter 1 Discussion Topics with Answers 1. Describe three populations of users with special needs. For each of these populations, suggest three ways current interfaces could be improved to better serve them. 2. Devise an outline, consistent with the scientific method, which interface researchers should follow to validate their designs. 3. As noted in the book, some skeptics feel that accommodating diversity requires dumbing-down or lowest- common-denominator strategies. However, the authors claim that in their experience, rethinking interface designs to accommodate these diversity situations will result in a better product for all users. Give an
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Unformatted text preview: example of a product that meets the specific needs of a certain group of people, yet gives all users a better experience. 4. Suppose you need to design a system for users in both the United States and Japan. Present a list of cultural differences that you should be aware of so that a successful design can be made. 5. List several reasons why certain people resist using computers and suggest possible ways to you can alleviate these concerns. 6. Suggest three usability measures that can be directly used to produce a practical evaluation of a system. Keep the goals of efficiency and satisfaction in mind with these measures....
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