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Chapter 11 DTUI5 Discussion

Chapter 11 DTUI5 Discussion - 3 Describe some guidelines...

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Chapter 11 Discussion 1. For the following three items, find the problems in each of the following error messages produced by  a source code compiler. Briefly state your reasoning and suggest a better message.  a) SYNTAX ERROR  b) INCORRECTLY FORMED RHS OF EXPRESSION. BAILING OUT ON LINE 6.  c) ILLEGAL OPERATION. PROCESS KILLED!!!  2. A popular word processor previously contained an anthropomorphic character to assist you while  using the product. Explain disadvantages that are associated with this design. 
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Describe some guidelines that can be used to avoid falling into the trap of implementing anthropomorphic characteristics into an interface. 4. Color displays are attractive to users and can often improve task performance, but the danger of misuse is high. List five guidelines for using color and give an example of each. 5. List a few common mistakes of web-based display of information....
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