Chapter 4 DTUI5 Discussion

Chapter 4 DTUI5 Discussion - results in a confusing and...

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Chapter 4 Discussion Topics 1. Describe at least three different types of expert review methods.   2. Create a bird's-eye view of an interface you wish to investigate. Focus on detecting  inconsistencies and spotting unusual patterns.  3. Compare and contrast controlled psychological experiments and usability tests in the  evaluation process of user interfaces. Be sure to include the benefits and limitations of each.  4. Give two reasons why expert reviews are useful. Also give two limitations of expert reviews.  For questions 5-7, refer to the following instructions:  One argument against the current interface design of a popular word processor is that it has all the  functional menu items appearing together which cause the interface to be too complex. This complexity 
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Unformatted text preview: results in a confusing and frustrating experience for novice users. An alternative design is to provide different levels of functional complexity, so users can choose the level that is suitable for them, then advance to higher level as they get familiar with the tool, thus feel more comfortable and learn more efficiently. You are asked to conduct usability testing to compare these two designs. 5.Which type of usability testing should be used for this situation? Explain why. 6.List some general principles of subject selection in usability testing. How should you select subjects for this case? 7.List and briefly describe the steps in the usability testing you would conduct....
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