Chapter 6 DTUI5 Discussion

Chapter 6 DTUI5 Discussion - an argument of whether the...

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Chapter 6 Discussion 1. A telephone-based menu system is being designed for a magazine subscription service system.  There are seven magazines available:  National Geographic, Travel and Leisure, Entrepreneur,  Time, Golf, US News and World Report , and  Fortune . Describe three reasonable orderings of the  voice menus and justify each.  2. Provide three examples of an application where menu selection and form fill-in are more  appropriate than a direct-manipulation strategy.  3. Design a touch screen music jukebox, which allows the user to select from a menu of the five  most popular songs of the week. Draw a sketch of this interface for each of the following menu  types: Binary Menu, Multiple-Item menu, Check boxes, Pull-down Menus. Argue which design  serves the user best.  4. You are in charge of designing a menu tree for navigating 1,250 books in a digital library. Present 
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Unformatted text preview: an argument of whether the menu should have larger depth (number of levels) or breadth (number of items per level). 5. Frequent menu users can become annoyed if they must make several menu selections to complete a simple task. Suggest two ways you can refine the menu approach to accommodate expert or frequent users. 6. When users are navigating through a menu structure, they may become disoriented. The authors suggest techniques to help alleviate this disorientation such as indicating the current position in the menu. Draw a sketch of how you can show users their position for an on-line car showroom, assuming the user has browsed with the following path: Main Menu -> Mid-size Cars -> Honda -> Accord...
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Chapter 6 DTUI5 Discussion - an argument of whether the...

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