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ITC204-ITC504 week-8 tutorial

ITC204-ITC504 week-8 tutorial - Your task is to design an...

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ITC204/ITC504 Week-8 Tutorial Case Scenario & Instructions A dine-in restaurant chain is automating the process of ordering food. You have been commissioned to design an automated web based application that will run on the Internet. You can make up a menu of your choice with a variety of drinks available. The customer is expected to make his/her choices of food and/or drink, pay with either cash, credit or debit card and then collect a receipt which he/she will present at the counter when the number is called out. The system is linked directly to the kitchen. You do not have to worry about network considerations or the information provided to the kitchen. Your design is merely to provide the application screen design and layout function for the purchaser. You do not have to worry about the accounting system for the restaurant.
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Unformatted text preview: Your task is to design an application to run on an automated web based application that allows patrons to order as quickly as possible. You may assume that the system will consist of web pages that users will interact with. Most customers may place an order online before they come to the restaurant. Some of the restaurants are located in a lot within a mall while some are located in a building of its own. You may assume that each restaurant has seats for 50 to 250 eat-in customers in various seating configurations. As a one step towards designing this system you have to propose menus that can be taken as components of the system. Your menus may organise various food items, user tasks, information for users, recommendations, events, etc. Draw the menu designs you propose using pencils (you may use colour pencils)....
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