Chapter 7 DTUI5 Discussion

Chapter 7 DTUI5 Discussion - could be used to abbreviate a...

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Chapter 7 Discussion 1. Describe five guidelines that can be used for constructing system messages.  2. Analyze an application you commonly use, such as your word processor, and list the various  commands available through keyboard shortcuts (such as CTRL-P to print, F7 for spellcheck,  etc.). Decide if these commands are well designed for users. 3. Abbreviations for commands are often attractive for power users. Describe three strategies that 
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Unformatted text preview: could be used to abbreviate a command set. 4. Produce a thoughtful argument about what role natural-language interaction (NLI) should have in user interfaces. Be sure to list at least three benefits and limitations of NLI. 5. List several situations when command languages can be attractive for users....
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