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Chapter 8 Discussion  1. Some designers suggest that speech recognition should be used in a telephone menu  system. This would allow users to interact with the system by speaking instead of pressing  buttons on the dial pad. Give two arguments for and three arguments against the proposal.  2. A company is designing a kiosk that can display weather information in public locations.  The kiosk will feature a touch screen so users can select a city by pointing on a map. Give  three reasons why a touch screen is an effective device for this application.  3. Explain the difference between direct-control and indirect-control pointing devices. Name a  task when the one type is a more appropriate device than the other. 
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Provide an example when speech generation would serve the user's need better than a visual screen. However, also provide a list of limitations the user would have by using the speech generator. 5. The use of mobile devices has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. These devices typically feature much smaller screens than desktop computers. List two strategies of how you could successfully implement an interface to browse through a user's set of digital photographs on a small device. 6. Give a definition of context-aware computing. Provide an example of one application of context-aware computing that would meet the user needs of a tourist....
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