ITC204-ITC504 Week-7 Tutorial

ITC204-ITC504 - b Design high level screens c Design low level screens 5 What are the main interface components used in your user intercaes Justify

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ITC204/ITC504 Week-7 Tutorial 1. Identify the functionalities for the kiosk computer of the restaurent system in assignment-2 2. Propose the input devices you will use for this system and justify your answer. 3. Arrange those functions in a hierarchy. 4. Design user interfaces for each note in the hierarchy (function). a. Design the starting screen
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Unformatted text preview: b. Design high level screens c. Design low level screens 5. What are the main interface components used in your user intercaes. Justify the use of them. 6. What user interface design guidelines you employed in designing this system? Discuss how your design matches with the features of the guidelines....
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