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Chapter 5 DTUI5 Discussion answers

Chapter 5 DTUI5 Discussion answers - 1 a metaphors b , c...

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Chapter 5 Discussion with Answers 1. Describe three principles of direct manipulation. a) Continuous representations of the objects and actions of interest with meaningful visual metaphors b) Physical actions or presses of labeled buttons, instead of complex syntax. c) Rapid, incremental, reversible actions whose effects on the objects of interest are visible immediately. 2. Give four benefits of direct manipulation over command line interfaces. Also list four problems of direct manipulation. Benefits over commands: a) Control/display compatibility b) Less syntax reduces error rates c) Errors are more preventable d) Faster learning and higher retention e) Encourages exploration Problems: a) Increased system resources, possibly b) Some actions may be cumbersome c) Macro techniques are often weak d) History and other tracing may be difficult e) Visually impaired users may have more difficulty 3. Refer to the following interface: Name two ways you could update the above interface to support the principles of direct manipulation. Draw a sketch of your redesign.
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Larger buttons to match ‘finger’ interaction device Drag and drop medication names from a pop-up list Touch calendar dates on a pop-up, full-month calendar rather than pull-down calendar menu options
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