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Chapter: Chapter 06: E-Business and E-Commerce Multiple Choice 1. Dell’s innovative business model has been based on the concept of: a) business growth and threatening competitors. b) selling to small and medium sized businesses through intermediaries. c) supplementing direct sales with build-to-order and auctions. d) e-collaboration with a few select business partners. 2. __________ is a broad term that refers to the buying and selling of goods and services; servicing of customers; collaborating with business partners; and conducting electronic transactions within an organization. a) Pure e-commerce b) E-business c) Online logistics d) iCommerce 3. The type of e-commerce depends on the digitization of which three dimensions? a) product or service; process; and delivery method. b) business process; collaboration; and transaction. c) payment method; delivery method; and production method. d) marketing channel; agent; and collaboration method. 4. Purely physical companies are referred to as ____________ companies, whereas companies that are engaged only in EC are considered __________ companies. a) brick-and-mortar; virtual b) pure play; virtual c) click-and-mortar; click-and-brick d) virtual; pure play 5. Over which types of networks is e-commerce done? a) the Internet and extranets. b) the Internet and private networks. c) the Internet, extranets, and private networks. d) the Internet, value-added networks, on local area networks using intranets, or on a single computerized machine.
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6. The vast majority of e-commerce volume is of which type?
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ch06-STD - Chapter: Chapter 06: E-Business and E-Commerce...

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