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ch12-STD - Chapter Chapter 12 Business Intelligence and...

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Chapter: Chapter 12: Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is not a reason why managers need the support of IT? a) It is very difficult to make good decisions without valid and relevant information. b) Modeling and quantitative analysis are needed to understand complex data. c) Exploring and comparing multiple relevant alternatives is key to good decisions. d) The timeframe for decision making is expanding. 2. _________ are designed to store data required by an organization and are optimized to capture and handle large volumes of transactions. In contrast, _________ are database systems optimized for reporting. 3. What is the primary business problem caused when data is not integrated into a single reporting system? 4. Core business intelligence (BI) functions and features include all of the following except: 5. All of the following describe trends in BI except: a) Middle and senior level managers remained the primary users of BI until the early 2000s. b) The cost of BI has decreased. As a result, BI solutions are being implemented at smaller firms. c) BI has evolved from a set of technologies to business solutions. d) In 2008, several multi-billon-dollar acquisitions helped consolidate the BI vendor market and intensified competition among the mega-vendors.
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6. The key benefit of _________ technology is that it allows a company to react to events as they happen and be proactive with respect to their future. 7. Reasons why companies invested in BI include all of the following except:
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