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Chapter: Chapter 13: IT Strategy and Planning Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following does not describe business and IT strategic alignment? a) The alignment of IT and business is the number-one issue facing many CIOs. b) Many IT initiatives have failed because they were not aligned to the business strategy. c) Most companies initiate the simple process of IT alignment. d) If IT is not properly aligned with the organization’s strategy, then large investments in ISs may have a low payoff. 2. IT-business alignment can be fostered by focusing on activities central to alignment. Which of the following is not one of those activities? a) The CIO is a focused, narrow technologist. b) Senior managers are committed to deploying IT to assure company success. c) The CIO is a member of senior management. d) The CIO understands and buys into the corporate culture and has good communication skills. 3. What is the main challenge to achieving IT-business alignment? a) Getting end-users involved in projects to support business tactics. b) The CIO attaining strategic influence. c) Identifying a link between business and IT plans. d) Getting cross-functional cooperation among middle level managers. 4. When enterprise-wide IT projects so overwhelm the workload of the IS group that there is insufficient time for communication with members of the business units, it damages IS-business alignment because: a) business solutions cannot be optimized. b) the enterprise is over-committed. c) the IS group is viewed as an order taker rather than as a partner with whom to build solutions. d) the IS budget is too limited. 5. IT can add value to a company directly by: a) Reducing the workforce while not reducing the production level. b) Widening the geographic market.
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ch13 - Chapter Chapter 13 IT Strategy and Planning Multiple...

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