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Unformatted text preview: Example Use-Case Model Elaboration Phase 1 Introduction This is an example of a Use-Case Model as it would appear in Elaboration. Primary actors and use cases are identified, and key scenarios (those that will be implemented first) are detailed. Each use case has an associated use- case specification. 2 Overview The Automated Teller Machine is a remote unit connected to the bank computer systems. The purpose of the system is to bring regular bank services closer to the customer and increase the working hours to around the clock. It is also important to decrease the amount of bank cashiers. An ATM withdrawal is less expensive for the Bank than a withdrawal from a teller. The ATM system requires that each bank customer has an ATM card and remembers his PIN code. The whole security of this system builds on the PIN code. 3 Use-Case Diagram Figure 1 shows the use-case diagram for the ATM. ATM Use Cases Elaboration package OpenUP { 2 / 2 } atm : ATM 'Bank Customer' 'Withdraw Cash' 'Deposit Funds'...
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atm_uc_model_elaboration - Example Use-Case Model...

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