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deposit_funds_outline - bank Where is the boundary List of...

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Deposit Funds Stepbystep outline 1     insert card 2     enter PIN 3     select deposit 4     select amount 5     put money in envelope 6     receive envelope  print transaction id on envelope 7     Send deferred transaction 8     print receipt 9     eject card 10   the next day  open security box 11   count money 12   commit transactions Is the counting and committing within our system? Is this a part of some other system at the 
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Unformatted text preview: bank? Where is the boundary? List of Alternative flows A1 Wrong PIN A2 Invalid "to account" A3 No envelope inserted A4 Two envelopes inserted (or more) A5 No money in envelope A6 Too much money in envelope A7 Envelopes missing...
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