Cardiac practice problems - BMED 3100: Cardiovascular...

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BMED 3100: Cardiovascular Physiology Practice Problems Parameter Value Systolic pressure (aorta) 124 mmHg Diastolic pressure (aorta) 82 mmHg R-R interval 800 msec Left ventricular end-diastolic volume 140 mL Left ventricular end-systolic volume 70 mL Mean pulmonary artery pressure 15 mmHg Right atrial pressure 2 mmHg Left atrial pressure 5 mmHg O2 consumption (whole body) 250 mL/min O2 content of systemic arterial blood 0.20 mL O2/mL blood O2 content of pulmonary arterial blood 0.152 mL O2/mL blood 1. What is the MAP ? Systemic arterial pressure is not a single value b/c arterial pressure varies over the course of each cardiac cycle. Its highest value is systolic pressure, which is measured just after blood is ejected from the left ventricle into the aorta (i.e. systole). Its lowest value is diastolic pressure, which is measured as blood flows from the arteries into the veins and back to the heart (diastole). Mean arterial pressure cannot be calculated as the simple average of systolic and diastolic pressures b/c a greater fraction of each cardiac cycle is spent in diastole (~2/3) than in systole (~1/3). Therefore MAP is closer to diastolic pressure than to systolic pressure. MAP can be determined by measuring the area under the arterial pressure curve for a cycle. Or, MAP = diastolic + 1/3 (pulse pressure) = diastolic + 1/3 (systolic –diastolic)
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Cardiac practice problems - BMED 3100: Cardiovascular...

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