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3100: Systems Physiology Unit 1 Summary Class Topics Reading and study material 1/5/09 Physiological themes Organ systems and functions Tissue types and functions Medical terminology (word origins, word parts, word meanings – construct and deconstruct) Anatomy (orientations, planes, directions, cavities, quadrants, regions) (do not need to memorize regional terms, but should be able to define bases on what you know about medical terminology and anatomy). Ch. 1, Packet #1 (instructor) Slides Self study 1 1/7/09 Homeostasis: control systems Cannon’s postulates Types of control systems / feedback Components of a reflex arc / loop Identification of parts of a control system Constructions of control loops Ch. 1, Packet #2 (instructor) Slides Self study 1 1/9/09 Homeostasis: Pathophysiology Definitions in packet Disease categories Disease etiologies Packet #3 (instructor) Slides 1/12/09 Body chemistry: solutions & body fluids Definitions, composition of body fluids,
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