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BMED 3100: Systems Physiology Test 3 Topics Material from Vander: Chapter 6: Section D Chapter 7: Section A, Section B (through Somatic Sensation) Chapter 8: Only Learning and Memory Chapter 9: Sections A and B (except Whole-Muscle Contraction) Note: skip Cardiac Muscle (not in chapter, but included in slides / notes) Chapter 10 : Skip – No coverage of Movement – will not be on the quiz Lecture slides / notes: 2/9: Sensory physiology (receptor types, processing, pathways) / notes 2/11: Spinal Cord (functional anatomy, regions / CNS notes 2/13: Brain (functional anatomy, types of memory) / CNS notes 2/16: Injury (see article posted) 2/18: Autonomic Nervous System / notes 2/20: Skeletal and smooth muscle cells (focus on mechanism of contraction) / notes Ignore: Cardiac muscle; Chapter 10 (Movement) and Movement and Parkinson’s notes Unit 3 study suggestions: 1) think of the big picture flow of information (sensory input Æ spinal cord (primary neuron) Æ secondary neuron Æ thalamus
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