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Antietam Sept. 1862, 22,000 Causalities in One Day - 22,000 causalities in a single day is like 3 cities being wiped out - In 3 days- both North and South lost 25,000 - Similar death rate today would be about 6 million soldiers - Massive devastation tied partly to American ingenuity - Ingenuity jumpstarted American economy but is also being used to build better weapons that kill many more people - Improved canons, rifles, minie balls, explosive devises, hot air balloons (used for spying) - Bullets couldn’t reach hot air balloons, so the balloons could be seen but not shot down - Hard to get out of war because once thousands have died, you want to make those Abraham Lincoln in 1862 - I’m not fighting the war to end slavery, but I might have to do it to save the Union
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Unformatted text preview: -Only wants to save the Union-Others saw the end of slavery as the only reasonable way to live together-Lincoln is convinced that freeing slaves might help save the Union-If Lincoln frees slaves, abolitionists would increase support for war-England would also support war Lincoln & Cabinet Considering Emancipation Proclamation-Freed slaves in confederacy where Lincoln had no power-Didn’t free slaves in border states where Lincoln did have power-Fear border states would finally secede and join Confederacy-Emancipation Proclamation doesn’t actually free any slaves-Did get point across that goal of the war was to end slavery-Ensured England would never side with Confederacy-Led to thousands of new volunteers-Gave the Union new sense of mission?...
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