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Review Sheet: Final Exam in Development of US IFall 2011 REVIEW SESSION: Thur, Dec. 15, 1:10-2:30 in VD 211 FINAL EXAM, Monday, Dec. 19, Noon-3:00 PM, VD 211 Required Readings for this Exam: *Gillon & Matson, chs. 12 (426-52), 13, 14, 15, and 16 (566-82) *WFC, Articles by Stephanie Camp, Albert Hurtado, Drew Faust, and Jean Fagin Yellin DAP, 9 (Slaves Tell their Own Stories) and 11 (Reconstructing Reconstruction) *Michael Shaara, Killer Angels Format of Exam: This exam will consist of Part I A& B, both of which focus on Identifications. Part A draws IDs from the lectures and textbook; Part B from DAP, WFC and Killer Angels Part IA: Possible Identifications from Lectures, PPts and G&M (Pay attention to dates and chronology). You will answer 3 out of 6 (8 pts each) Black CodesDred Scott Decision Nat Turner’s RebellionJohn Brown California Gold RushFree Soil Party Manifest DestinyRepublican Party Mexican American WarElection of 1860 Frederick Douglass Secession Popular Sovereignty Emancipation Proclamation Fugitive Slave LawTotal War Bleeding Kansas15
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