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US History Notes 12:1 - US History notes December 1 2011...

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US History notes December 1, 2011 Civil War - Dec. 20- South Carolina seceded from union - After this 7 states seceded from union up until February in Deep South - President took no action - Waited it out until Lincoln was inaugurated in March - Formed confederate constitution - Strong support for states rights - Mandated continuation of slavery - Followed US constitution almost word for word - Confederate states needed moderate leaders if they were going to actually survive as independent nation Why Southern States Secede - Nullification Act against Tariff of 1828 - Believed North would not fight to bring states back into the union- Buchanan took no action against South Carolina, Northern investments in South (more than 2 million dollars)- wouldn’t go to war if they owed them so much money - Lack of military leaders and traditions in North - South believed they were by far stronger - Britain and France need southern cotton—they will be allies - North getting stronger each year—more population lived in North - If secession were to happen in North, it should happen now - 7 states that seceded-- passed by those state legislatures so we don’t know how ordinary people in South felt about it – only know how political leaders felt - When Lincoln inaugurated in March the confederate states existed Lincoln’s inauguration March 4, 1861 - March 4- already faced a crisis - Fort Sumter running out of supplies - Running out while Buchanan was in his last month of office - Lincoln sent supplies but ordered the people on the ship not to shoot unless they were shot at - Confederate forces did shoot - April 14- war officially declared - Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to join US army for what he saw as an insurrection - 4 more states joined confederacy Confederacy expands to 11 states - Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and? - West Virginia, which is part of the state of Virginia, secedes from Virginia and asks to be admitted as a separate state - Becomes an independent state without slavery
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- Congress recognized west Virginia immediately because it benefited the union - Robert E. Lee leaves the US army and becomes head of confederate army - Critical moment for southern military officers had to choose between US army and confederates - If stayed with US, had to fight against friends, family, etc Superior Northern Resources - Why not let Confederates establish independent nation - If they fail, north can always bring them back in - Decide to fight to keep confederacy in the union - Believe if they go to war, it will be very short - With their superior resources, they believe will help them defeat South easily - Population o North: 22 million o South: 9 million
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US History Notes 12:1 - US History notes December 1 2011...

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