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US History Notes Week 2

US History Notes Week 2 - US History Notes Week 2 Tabacco...

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Unformatted text preview: US History Notes Week 2 Tabacco- The 1660s started the tobacco boom and by the 1670s tobacco was the basis of a stable economy. Before tobacco nobody had a stable way of making money. As the land use and labor force was changing, the poor were getting poorer and the rich were getting richer as the tobacco culture expanded in the South. Most exports were tobacco, but between 1700 and 1770 the exports and imports were fluctuation, which meant that wealth was not stable. Middle Passage- The middle passage was used for African American slaves. The slaves were packed into a ship and usually chained. They faced poor ventilation below the deck, minimal air, malnutrition, disease, and constant abuse. 15-20% of Africans died on the Middle Passage. Because of this, the death rate was calculated into the price of slaves. On the Middle Passages, slaves became “commodified.” They went from Africans from different tribes and ethnicities with different names and cultures to just simply “black”...
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