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US History Notes Week 4 - US History Notes Week 4 Stamp...

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US History Notes Week 4 Stamp Act - The Stamp Act was imposed from 1765 to 1766. It was to raise money to support the troops stations in colonies and to help pay off the British war debt. It was a direct tax on things like court documents, playing cards, etc. The colonists organized effective, colony-wide protests that forced Parliamentary repeal. Individuals like Patrick Henry and Sam Adams emerged as leaders. Battles of Lexington and Concord - The spark to revolution occurred at Lexington and Concord in April 1775. On April 18, 1775, colonists observe British troops getting into boats at the harbor. They thought the British were on their way to Lexington to arrest Adams and Hancock, so they rode on horseback to warn them that the Patriots were coming. In reality, the British wanted to confiscate hidden weapons and ammunition they had heard about. The colonists prepared to meet the British troops on the road outside of Lexington. 8 colonists were killed and a British soldier was wounded. The British thought it was over and moved onto Concord and did what they were supposed to do. The British go to return home and are surprise attacked by the colonists. 73 troops were killed. The next day Sam Adams made the “Bloody Butchery by the British Troops” and made it seem like the British came and butchered innocent colonists. The British then return and the fight for a revolution began.
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US History Notes Week 4 - US History Notes Week 4 Stamp...

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