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US History Notes Week 5 Religion played a central role in the development of the North American colonies, but it was most important initially in Massachusetts Bay and other New England communities. Analyze the role of religion in the development of the New England colonies in the 1600s, including debates and dissent among the Puritans, and then the changes that occurred in churches between roughly 1700 and 1750. There were various developments that shaped religion in New England. Many people came to New England to escape religious persecution. For example, the Pilgrims in 1620 wishing to separate from the church of England and the Puritans in the 1630a who wanted to purify the England church and show them an example of a pure community (city upon a hill). Puritans believed in an angry wrathful?? God, predestination, and scrutinized each other for signs of faith. The Puritans set the precedent for religion in N.E. In the early 1600s the Puritan clergymen became extremely educated and the church became
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