US History Notes Week 11

US History Notes Week 11 - Lord Dunmores Proclamation -...

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Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation - Once cold weather comes they stop fighting unless it’s in the South - 40-50 vessels to Virginia and announces Proclamation to free slaves who joined the British cause - Slaves motivated to turn against owners - Horrifies colonists - British write “Liberty the Slaves” - Demonstrate how much corruption the British can cause if war becomes permanent - Those who survived were granted freedom - Some killed in battle, some from small pox - Only few actually survived long enough to enjoy freedom - Patriots face issue of who benefits if revolution succeeded and how would liberty be defined Bunker’s Hill - Many men believed British wouldn’t fight that hard to keep the American colonies - Thought they would give up quickly - June 1775- Battle of Bunker Hill- Patriots lost battle, but so many British troops wounded that they actually retreated back into center of Boston when they were climbing to top of hill - Colonial troops lose in a way, but then end up winning - Washington try to get continental soldiers to stay beyond 3 months & trying to get
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US History Notes Week 11 - Lord Dunmores Proclamation -...

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