US History Week 9 Notes

US History Week 9 Notes - US History Week 9 Notes...

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US History Week 9 Notes Escalating Conflict between the American colonies and British Parliament and King (Revenue acts, boycotts, Stamp Act Crisis, Boston Massacre, Townshend Acts, Battles of Lex and Concord, Tom Paine’s Common Sense, Dec of Independence) British Seek to Impose Order and Raise Revenue - navigation acts - enforce laws - introduce new laws - revenue acts - restrict settlement past Appalachian mountains - Sugar act- tariff on sugar, molasses, coffee, wine indirect tax on the importer, not direct tax on customers - Cracked down on smuggling and printing of own money - Protest against sugar act but didn’t effect anything - Escalating conflict between British officials and colonies Stamp Act Crisis, 1765-66 - to raise money to support troops stations in colonies and to help pay off British war debt - direct tax - court documents, playing cards, etc - massive protest Home of Lt. Gov. Hutchinson - house was attacked - family fled - officials kept being attacked along with others - ex. People who owned stores that sold stamps - disrupting trade - colonies won - stamp act was taken repeal Merchants Importing British Goods during Townshend Boycott - no specific tax just a statement - given up on direct tax - go back to tariffs - now even an indirect tax leads to immediate revolt - illegal manufacturing -
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US History Week 9 Notes - US History Week 9 Notes...

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