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Revenue Acts Notes

Revenue Acts Notes - Revenue Acts Notes Revenue Acts 1764...

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Revenue Acts Notes Revenue Acts- 1764 Sugar Acts- indirect tax, tariff on molasses, wine ,sugar, tax on IMPORTER, restricts paper $, forms first step in escalating conflicts, no smuggling. 1765 Stamp Act- direct tax on all printed material, newspapers, court documents, playing cards, existed in England for 50 years- inspired massive protesets. Differed??- 1) economy on decline in colonies 2) seen as attempt to contol internal affairs in colonies, tax on daily business (direct) 3) wasn’t just on importers, everyone taxed. GM: sugar- moderate response, continued to ignore law, smuggle or bribed officials during inspection. Stamp Act- shattered tradition of colonists maintaining their own internal affairs. Boycotts- sons/daughers of Liberty- spreads quickly, stamp distributers were sent to collect $ & were attacked by these groups. Tar & feather, petition parliament “no taxation without representation” Boston- Sam Adams organized massive demonstrations modeling them after New Awakening sermons. Colonies need independence, tear down stamp building, Gov. Hutchinson attempts to quiet protestors, protestors meet in front of
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