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California Gold Rush Notes California Gold Rush 1849 - Massive westward expansion to California in the pursuit of gold - California applies for statehood - Claimed it was independent statehood in middle of Mexican American war in 1844 - Mined for gold, silver, and cooper - Residents wanted it to be a free state; save it as a state for whites - Existence of slaves in Washington DC had become an issue - Many boundary issues arising; Texas and new Mexico - Issues on who should pay Texas war debts - Gold discovered along American River by John Marshall in 1848 in California - Many people came – mostly white men - Men left their families, farms, and businesses behind to seek gold - 1,000’s- many nationalities - 1848-50 largest single migration in US history - 90% male - Creates tremendous change in California
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Unformatted text preview: -Mix of cultures/classes-Small amount of women increases prostitution and rape-Small number of men found a lot of gold- 2-3% of all people-Many discovered areas that were already staked out -Created new cultural clashes and conflicts-Changed sexual culture- more men than women-Many men that found gold immediately spent it-White men from US gained great wealth-Mexicans who found claims were pushed away and killed-Not clear who was in charge of California-Some residents made money by supplying goods, providing food, laundry, sewing, & services for miners-Significance: westward expansion, California applies for statehood but it’s the old argument about power between north and south, largest migration in American history...
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