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Emergence of the Republican Party - Emerges from former Whigs and free soil party, wins 100 seats - 1854- attracts anti slavery Whigs and northern democrats - Adopts free soil platform of no slaves - Fall 1854- Democrats lost badly in North - Free Soil Party & Anti-slavery Whigs/Democrats - Free Soil Party- non-extension of slavery - Has economic policies of strong industrial growth, high tariffs, internal improvements - Wins 100 seats in house - Attracts Abe Lincoln- supports industrial growth/non-extension Free Soil Party - Opposed the extension of slavery in territories not yet admitted to statehood - Anthony Burns Escorted to Ship - Escapes slavery - Burns is returned south due to fugitive slave act - Military guard has to escort burns because they were people who opposed fugitive slave act will try to grab him to rescue him - Republican party emerges in north comprised of free soil party, anti slave Whigs,
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Unformatted text preview: and Northerners who oppose fugitive slave act and Kansas-neb act; immediately wins over 100 seats in congress-New party supported by Abe Lincoln -Republicans opposed expansion of slavery-Martin Van Buren- opponent of extending slavery-Difficult to differentiate between Whigs/Democrats-Zach Taylor wins election of 1848 (Whig)-Free Soil Party gained 2 times the votes than the Liberty party 4 years earlier-Liberty party= anti slavery-N. Whigs/Democrats who arent supportive of abolition still support Free Soil Party -1848- free blacks began to see moral suasion to confront slavery-Free blacks joined Free Soil Party- push country in right direction-Non-extension would come to abolition- what Douglass believedif it cant expand, it will fall apart-President Polk ran on platform of manifest destiny- extended the Missouri Compromise to the Pacific...
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