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Frederick Douglas Notes Frederick Douglass - Deeply religious anti-slavery radical- absolute racial equality - Joins older sons in Kansas - Believes there needs to be armed revolt - 18 other radicals- Douglass won’t join - Oct. 1859- capture arsenal - Unable to get out of Harper’s Ferry - Federal soldiers surround it - He stays with men even though he had a chance to escape - Alternatively presented as a madman - Court ruled he was guilty of treason - December 2, 1859- hung - Led to a massive outpouring of antislavery sentiment - Viewed as a hero by the North - South- raid inspired fear, panic, and outrage - Compromise of 1850 passed one passed one provision at a time - Douglass votes on each compromise not compromise as a whole but
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Unformatted text preview: everything was passed-U.S. Territorial Map, 1850-Douglass introduced the idea-Northern transcontinental route; must appeal to southerners-In order to convince southerners Douglass says they should make Kansas and Nebraska states from unorganized Louisiana territory-Abolish Missouri compromise because residents can decide on pop sovereignty if it is slave or free state-Kansas-neb act approved by congress and became law in 1854-Nebraska was too far north for people to think it would become a slave state but Kansas would most likely become one-Now popular sovereignty will be used for all future states...
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