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Manifest Destiny - President Polk ran on platform of manifest destiny- extended the Missouri Compromise to the Pacific - Idea that expansion was granted by God in order to prosper the US - Democrat-Republicans used it to justify the war with Mexico (1840) 15 th Amendment - Guarantees that voting rights cannot be denied to African American men on basis of race - Ratified to 18200 opposition from W. in north - Nasty fight in north- huge debates - Black men get to vote before black & white women - Need to vote more because they’ll be abused & to protect rights - White women= more educated- how can they be excluded? – Racist - Black men just got out of slavery - What about black women’s rights? - A lot of dispute - Doesn’t guarantee the right to vote directly - Voting can’t be denied of basis of race - Southern states find ways to deny them - Ex) literary test, poll taxes, violence - Radical republicans- led to vigilante violence
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Unformatted text preview: -Efforts: any right not directly given by the federal government is from the state-Voting rights Act 1865- protect voting rights in the south-Economic resources- slaves don’t have jobs, homes, clothing, skills-Meaningful economic emancipation? Election of 1860-Abe Lincoln vs. John C. Breckenridge-Republican vs. Southern Democrat-HS- election between an anti slavery and pro slavery supporters-Once Lincoln won South Carolina wanted to succeed from the union Mexican American War-An armed conflict between the US and Mexico from 1846 to 1848 in the wake of the 1845 annexation of Texan, which Mexico considered part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas Revolution-Rio grand sets border for US between Texas and Mexico-Battle of Vera Cruz- US takes Mexico City-Treaty of Guadalupe ended war & set boundaries-Significance: slavery issue, civil war, compromise of 1850...
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