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NatTurner’sRebellionNotes - Nat Turners...

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Nat Turner’s Rebellion, 1831, Newspaper Headline - August 1831 in Virginia - Nat Turner was considered a good slave, obedient - Led rebellion—largest before Civil War - Rural Virginia - Killed master/family - Planned very carefully, groups of slaves escaped, killed 60 white men women and children - Believed they had to kill every white they came in contact with so they didn’t get caught - Turner hid for 2 months before he was captured by whites - Executed with 40 other blacks - Memories of Nat Turner lived on into 1840s and 1850s, created fear in whites and hope in blacks - No more major revolts before the Civil war (30 years) - These revolts has literate or skilled black leaders, developed in urban areas, were said to be inspired by religion and God - Death to any blacks involved or even some not involved, just seen as suspicious - Significance: led to black codes and limitations on blacks Lincoln & Cabinet Considering Emancipation Proclamation - 1863 - Freeing the slaves in those territories still rebellion against the union -
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