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Why the Southern States SucceededNotes

Why the Southern States SucceededNotes - Secession Why...

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Secession Why Southern States Secede - Between December and February 1861, 7 states secede - February 1861- 7 states meet and form confederate states of America - Montgomery- capital - Constitution- states rights/slavery- recognize power of central government - Civil war wasn’t inevitable yet - Could have let new nation form - Congress could have tried to negotiate - Buchanan didn’t try to negotiate & didn’t send troops - March 1861- Abe Lincoln- why the South decides to secede - “…North lets them…” - Clear that South was critical to north states economically - 1860- cotton is valuable export- good reason north wants to keep states - March- negotiating time passes - Leaders of deep south secede before Abe takes office because of Nullification Act against Tariff of 1828, Buchanan doesn’t take any action Believed North would not fight to bring states back into the union- Buchanan took no action against South Carolina, Northern investments in South (more than 2 million
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